4 or 6 Prong Setting – Page 3 – Zaha et Cetera

Rahila Refaaq on Daily Mirror W@W Magazine

Interview with Zaha et Cetera, Managing Director for Daily Mirror Sri Lanka Cover Story on Women at Work May 2016  https://www.slideshare.net/RahilaRefaaqAJPGGDes/rahila-daily-mirror-ww-magazine-64901458    

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Zaha et Cetera on "Life online" magazine Sri Lanka


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Zaha et Cetera, HK branching out in Sri Lanka!

Sunday Island article

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Silver Jewelry Maintenance

Silver jewelry has become immensely popular and affordable for most, but comes with the jewelry are the headaches of frequent tarnishing which is rather annoying but  common due to everyday moisture in the air and we have no choice but to live with it.  With all stubborn tarnishes comes solutions as well. If you are a silver jewelry collector, it is worthwhile to take a note of the following : 1. Take time to find a large or several small boxes it can be regular jewelry box(es) or even a shoe box. You can consider getting an anti-tarnishing cloth or...

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Zaha et Cetera on D'Magazine December 2015


Check out the interview with Zaha et Cetera, Managing Director on D'Magazine winter issue 2015

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