The design process – Zaha et Cetera

The design process

The overall design process is dealt with great precision enabling every piece to have its own uniqueness. As an example, to accommodate the design she has in mind Rahila would purchases rough gem crystals of diverse varieties so as to undertake her own unique style of cut and polishing. Put simply with firmly-embedded instincts and an eye for detail, Rahila says: “I know exactly how I would design a given gem as soon as I hold it in the palm of my hands and explore the unique gem crystal within it”. Most cut stones Rahila purchases are partially polished or faceted or mixed of both to leave behind some of mother nature’ features, which she matter-of-factly attributes to how life is sometimes perfect in spite of the many imperfections.

Rahila confides: “I find it irresistible to work around the stones rather than hide all the flaws within. After all it is but a natural occurrence therefore, inclusions are a good sign as long as they are natural”. Rahila’s favorite picks of colored stones include all types of Corundum, Red Spinels, Tsavorites, Tourmalines, Garnets and Aquamarines of various shades and shapes to name a few.