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Choosing your Diamond

Zaha et Cetera’s custom-made diamond jewellery collection is mostly comprised of certified diamonds through International Gemological Labs such as IGI or GIA. In terms of size, it starts with as low as 0.08 carat (ct) in Round Brilliants, which are made available to clients with a passport-size diamond dossier. In terms of security, most of the diamonds managed by the company come laser scribed on girdle for traceability and the company only buys through members of Diamond Trading Company site holders and/or highly reputable diamond dealers with a solid track record. All forms of quality controls are strictly abided by with the main focus, being customer confidence and transparency. “We take care of your diamonds from the selection process to the buying with best discounts and then on to the setting. All jewelry pieces are meticulously inspected against each certificate after each setting has taken place”. Color

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