Background of the founder – Zaha et Cetera

Background of the founder

Like enhancing the shine of a diamond, Rahila not only gained invaluable insights from her exposure to this business from an early age but also embarked on pursuing her studies in Gemology at the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) in 2003 qualifying as a Graduate Gemologist and Accredited Jewelry Professional, one of the most widely recognised qualifications in the industry today.Just as setting the prong on a ring is but only one of many steps into producing the final product, Rahila continued her delve into the industry by learning about gemology and jewelry design across Asia in alternatives markets such as the Philippines, Thailand, Sri Lanka as well as in Hong Kong where she has been based for more than a decade now. Yet, her passion for the profession continues to grow each day. Mounting her qualifications with her exposure to the industry from an early age, she has spent eight years working in Hong Kong for a renowned International Gemological Laboratory, enabling Rahila to increase her breath and depth of knowledge in the world of diamond testing and certification, durability and other characteristics that when pulled together makes a diamond all but brilliant.

As a Senior Gemologist, Rahila has met and shared her knowledge with various renowned gemologists from the world over, attending seminars and workshops on gemological research along with other industry movers and shakers, entrenching her knowledge and expertise as the years went by. Humbly self-confessing as one of her most passionate hobbies, Rahila counts her numerous visits over the last fifteen years to Ratnapura (Ratna mean “gems” & pura means “area”) in her native Sri Lanka as one of her most favourite past times, as this is usually where it all starts as these trips enable her to get as close as possible to the beginning of the supply chain as well as do whatever possible to empower those in the neighbouring communities that work at the mines in Ratnapura. With such a unique commitment to giving back to the society Zaha et Cetera relies upon, little wonder therefore, where else the phrase “diamond in the rough” came from.