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Silver Jewelry Maintenance

Silver jewelry has become immensely popular and affordable for most, but comes with the jewelry are the headaches of frequent tarnishing which is rather annoying but  common due to everyday moisture in the air and we have no choice but to live with it.  With all stubborn tarnishes comes solutions as well.

If you are a silver jewelry collector, it is worthwhile to take a note of the following :

1. Take time to find a large or several small boxes it can be regular jewelry box(es) or even a shoe box. You can consider getting an anti-tarnishing cloth or just stick to regular cotton cloth which can absorb moisture. Throw in couple of  anti-tarnish strips or better yet these little silica packs which you get in shoes boxes, medicines, clothes etc.   to absorb the oxidants that discolors and tarnish jewelry

2. Store your jewelry individually in little gem bags if you can find. These little bags are perfect as it has a zip lock and can store individually.  Alternately there are cloth bags made especially for silver jewelry as well.  Cheaper option would be the gem bags which are equally effective.

3. For obvious reasons, avoid spraying perfume or cologne after wearing the jewelry. Avoid contact with any sorts of sprays, chlorine water, oils, lotions etc.  

4. If you are playing sports, its best not wear it while you are at a game or the fields. If its not the opponent who will knock the jewelry, it will be your own sweat which will build up in your jewelry and we all know what happens to it after. 

5. Time and again, do keep a tab on the jewelry and observe for any tarnishing.

If all above fails to keep that sparkle on your silver jewelry, Zaha et Cetera has carefully tested many silver jewelry cleaning products and settled on this little piece of magic which works wonders instantly. All that tarnish and grub caught will instantly be removed with a little wipe from this cloth and that should bring  the spark back into your silver jewellery.

If you are in a rush this would work well as its  handy enough to place in your purse in case you you didn't have time to clean up at home or you don't want your date waiting for you at the door.  It will be jewelry cleaning on the go!

Usage Instructions which are at the back of the pack tells you the do's and don't of this cloth. 



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