How it all started – Zaha et Cetera

How it all started

Inspired and positively influenced by her father, Zeyard, hailing from a family of diamantaires and gemologists, who moved to Hong Kong in the early 1960s and over four and a half decades since, established himself as one of most knowledgeable experts in high end diamond sourcing, grading and sorting, his daughter Rahila Refaaq took her first steps into this industry over sixteen years ago. Having spent most of the past number of years learning the ropes of the business Rahila has developed skillsets that has made niche boutique jeweler, Zaha et Cetera – an emerging choice among a wide spectrum of private clients ranging from individuals with a low to medium budget to high net worth individuals in Hong Kong and across the region today.The company focuses on exclusivity with personalised jewelry for different individuals who have unique and exquisite tastes.

Established in April 2012, Zaha et Cetera primarily focuses on handcrafted diamonds & colored stones jewelry with the usage of 18KT white/yellow gold or platinum. Just like a diamond cut above all others, a key differentiating factor for Zaha et Cetera is that every single meticulous part of the company’s high end diamond sourcing, manufacturing, grading, sorting and certification is done out of Hong Kong for quality control purposes. In fact, all jewelry pieces designed by Rahila are made in Hong Kong with diamond settings done by highly experienced bench jewelers with more than 30 years of setting experience. This allows the company to closely monitor all orders according to client specifications and monitor work-in-progress at different stages of the production, all firmly centralised in Hong Kong.

Given how a rising number of clients now have unique and specific designs in mind, Zaha et Cetera also provides bespoke consulting and invites some its clients to submit their own designs with the ultimate goal of producing their own preferred masterpieces based on the co-selection process of the stones all within the given budget.

While custom made jewelry is the main consideration of Zaha et Cetera, there are ready-to-go pieces of a smaller but niche range of diamond jewelry at affordable ranges for clients to choose from via this website.

Having evolved like a perfect diamond symmetry, Zaha et Cetera is proud of its existing niche customer base of a close-nit referral system of private clients and high net worth individuals helping the thriving company retain its unique edge that makes it stand out from the rest.

“For as long as we commit ourselves to the assured standards and trust each of our clients put into us, client satisfaction will continue to grow”.