Natural Gem Stones – Zaha et Cetera

Natural Gem Stones

Guidelines to the consumers regarding our gemstones on this website;

- All stones are of Natural origin 

- Some may have  undergone "normal heat" according to commonly held         market practice which will be clearly mentioned next to relevant stone  

- Photos and Video footage depict almost similar color as in each stone

- Video captures are more focused on getting whats inside of the stone so   consumers can be aware of the significant or insignificant impurities which   comes in nature (inclusions)

- Only selected stones of medium value & up  comes with gemological          certificates

- If country of origin of the stones are known, it will be mentioned 

- We DO NOT deal in Synthetic stones, Irradiated stones, Beryllium treated Sapphires, Surface diffused stones, Coated stones or any other treated stones other than normal heat.

Thank you!