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Dilemma with Ring Sizes?

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 It is always a dilemma for clients to find out their fiancé or spouse's ring sizes especially if they are planning on a surprise marriage proposal, getting an anniversary or birthday ring or any special seasonal ring for that matter.

It’s always best to know your better half ring size as reference point perhaps during a casual conversation over dinner or better yet while window shopping, this would be the time to inquire or even go to the nearest jeweler as a couple to get both ring sizes determined for future use.  Advance planning in anticipation for future use is the best option. 

So, what happens if none of the above is determined? Fret not, there are always other means to get around this. Here are few ways to get this done
  1. Get a short typed questionnaire done regarding jewelry, ring sizes and misc. and mail it to your other half anonymously. Make it look like a marketing pamphlet and in appreciation, he/she will get a voucher of some sort, you would be impressed how many would really go for this trick.  Provide mailing address of your friends home or office which she/he would not suspect.
  2. Ask her / his friend(s) to help you obtain the ring size un-suspecting of course. Friends have the strangest way of getting things done and will go to great lengths to get it even if they have to improvise. 
  3. Get one of her / his old rings and go to the nearest jeweler to measure the size
  4. If your better half is aware of your intentions of getting a ring made, it’s always best to get the ring size measured together.
  5. If you are too lazy to go to the jeweler, use our ring size measuring chart to measure.
 So you got your ring size but then you are torn between E.g. Size 5 or 5 ½ as both sizes fit in different ways, one is of course just right the other is comfortable with a little wiggle to it. How do you decide?


You need to consider the following as ring sizes don’t necessarily remain same throughout the year. It varies under different environmental or body changes and from person to person it always differs.

  1. When the weather is warm or if you are one of those who loves high consumption of sodium which can retain water and fingers can swell temporarily.
  2. Whenever you travel your fingers can swell up depending on the pressure.
  3. Winter time when your body is less hydrated the fingers can shrink slightly.
  4. Your left-hand ring finger can be different from your right-hand ring finger so you need to think which one you will be wearing your ring.
  5. Weight loss or gain is another common factor for ring size changes
 If you are a person like me who removes the ring each night and only wears it when going out, then depending on the time you wear it, it can differ but not necessarily always.  If my left ring finger is slightly swelled or shrunk on a particular day,  I will usually try to see if the right-hand ring finger works ok with the same ring.


So, would you buy or make a ring to just fit your size or slightly bigger to be more comfortable and flexible?

The question you may want to ask yourself is, what is too tight for you and how often would you keep it on or would you rather be having some comfort with some room to it?

The answer, in my opinion, would be, make your ring size, slightly bigger than the fitted one not overly loose where it comes off the knuckles easily just about before the knuckles where it can comfortably snuggle and stay put that would be the ideal way to wear it.

And the worst-case scenario if your ring size gets too small or too big over time, again don’t be alarmed, take it to your nearest trusted jeweler to re-size it and it can be done for a small fee usually ranging approx. between (US$55 and US$70) depending on how much or how less to re-size.



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