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Diamond Solitaire Ring 4 or 6 prong setting ?

4 or 6 prong setting Solitaire Diamond Prong settings Which prong setting is better 4 or 6

 What is the secured choice for your Diamond Solitaire Ring?

 This question have been asked quite a lot by many, we thought this would be a great post to give some feedback to all, so please do feel free to chip in and give your thoughts as well. It will be interesting to know each other’s perspective while we are on the subject.

 Lets review the 4-prong setting. Ideally suited for less than 1.00 ct size diamonds.   It is a secured setting in spite of some may think its not. Rest assured you will not be disappointed as you still get the maximum light return for your diamond and achieve at its best depending on the cut grade you choose. Besides, why would you that extra 1 or 2 prong(s) to down play the diamond’s beauty for stones less than 1.00 ct? Less is more for sure in this case.   The main focus is your Diamond and all attention should fall into seeing that diamond sparkle not the metal exposure, which rests on it. You don’t want your diamond to look smaller with a domineering metal.

 Ok so it will look boxed or squared to some extent as the 4 prongs are evenly spaced, but hey, this has been done traditionally for generations without much fuss and still it looks beautiful. Conventionally the 4 prongs are set in two different orientations lets look at the first, 2-4-8-10 o’clock positions hence the boxed look and then the other is North-East-South-West (NESW) orientation which gives a different illusion and makes the diamond appear larger than it is. (image 1 & 2).

 As for the 6 prongs setting, the setting itself when spaced out does not look over crowded, rather the diamond looks much bigger than it is and yes it is secured as long as it is handled with care. Furthermore, this setting gives a majestic look on bigger sized diamonds roughly 1.00ct & up. Sacrificing the intensity of light return or brilliance for this setting, is, all the more worth it. (image 3)

 Are 4 prongs less secured than 6 prongs? There is neither right nor wrong answer.  

 Yes, if you intend to do any indoor or outdoor activity that involves rough handling and incidentally you have your diamond ring on, yes you may dent one or two prongs or even break the setting and risk loosing the diamond all together, but it can even happen on a 6 prong Ring for that matter with above scenario.

 On the other hand even if you wear your 4-prong solitaire diamond ring everyday, it will pretty much be secured and lesser risk of losing or damaging as long as precautions are taken while attending into activities which involves using your ring finger. However, saying this, it is always preferred to keep aside your ring safely depending on the work you intend to do to protect the permanence of the setting & luster.  

 Your diamond ring cannot speak or express it’s discontentment on the mission you plan to take on, it is the wearer’s responsibility to take care and protect this rare mineral at its best.

 Ultimately even with above reasoning, it all comes down to personal preferences.

 So which one would you choose?

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